We provide Design, Installation, and Certifications of Fiber Optic Cabling Systems

Fully Tested Fiber Optic Solutions by our trained technicians

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Our Technicians work as a unit to bring the latest Fiber Optic technologies to our customers. We provide design, installation, and certifications of Fiber Optic cabling systems in commercial and residential sites.

Our Fiber Optic installation and knowledge of Fiber Optic technologies and standards are key factors in our success to deliver fiber network solutions to our clients. We can provide the solution that best meets our clients' needs.


  • Design and Installation of Fiber Optic Cabling
  • Fiber Optic Termination
  • Fiber Optic Mechanical Splicing
  • Outside Plant Fiber Optic Applications
  • Rack and Wall Mount Fiber Optic Patch Panels
  • Fiber Optic Cabinets and Racks
Fiber Optic Solutions Thousand Palms


Testing and certification are included in our fiber optic installation service.

Our installations are fully tested upon completion of the project to ensure all fiber optic strands meet the industry standards and test result documents provided.


Our technicians work with contractors and the end user to deliver the latest fiber optic technologies that best suit our clients' needs. All fiber optic cabling systems are reviewed and checked by a Certified Fiber Optic Installer with a certification from the Electronics Technicians Association International.

We guarantee that the fiber optic cabling design, connectors, and workmanship comply with the industry standards. These standards and practices are followed by the EIA/TIA Telecommunications Building Wiring Standard, The National Fire Protection Assn., and the National Electrical Code (NFPA-70).


The specific standards of the EIA/TIA Building Telecommunications Wiring Standards are

  • EIA/TIA-568A (Commercial Building Telecommunications Wiring Standard)
  • EIA/TIA-569 (Commercial Building Standard for Telecommunications Pathways and Spaces)
  • EIA/TIA-570 (Residential and Light Commercial Telecommunications Wiring Standard)
  • EIA/TIA-606 (Administration Standard for Telecommunications Infrastructure of Commercial Buildings)
  • EIA/TIA-607 (Commercial Building Grounding and Bonding Requirements for Telecommunications)
  • EIA/TIA-TSB-67 (Transmission Performance Specifications for Field Testing of UTP Cabling Systems)

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